Don’t take your team Go-Karting

When businesses decide to break free of the office and take their employees on away days and team building breaks, Go-Karting is consistently rated among the most popular choices of entertainment.

And you can see why! Instead of the cramped confines of the office chair and cubicle, Go-Karting offers the… cramped confines of the kart’s tiny seat. Instead of tiresome, repetitive or un-stimulating work, Go-Karting offers the chance to… drive endlessly around a concrete circle. Wait, why is Go-Karting a good idea?

Short answer, it’s not. It’s boring. If anything, we think it’s more boring than a day in the office. A good away day should give your team a real sense of freedom: freedom from the physical limitations of the workplace, freedom from tired, unproductive ways of thinking. And that’s why we offer team-building foraging trips. In the forest, there are no arbitrary rules. No stacks of old tyres to keep you from straying from the road ahead.

At the very least, a day spent foraging with us in the wild will give your team valuable nature-time: a time and space to breathe. Spending a day in the wild will do wonders for their wellbeing, as research proves. But it might do much more.

By learning more about that oldest and truest form of work – the work of living and surviving in nature – professionals from diverse industries and backgrounds can have their perspectives radically altered. With no sweaty red boiler suits in sight. Join us.


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