Car Park Foraging

You might think that a truly wild experience requires you to escape the city and head to the countryside. It doesn’t.

As much as we love to lose ourselves in the forest and splash around on Scottish islands, our favourite thing to do is to open people’s eyes to the world of wild plants that already surrounds them, even in the greyest and most unnatural of concrete jungles.

If you hire us to run our Car Park Foraging session, we’ll come to your location and help your team discover the wild all around their workplace. By simply walking your team around the car park or along neighbouring streets, we’ll reveal a stunning diversity of information, usefulness, history and folklore in the most unexpected places. Those unassuming leaves sprouting out of cracks in the pavement (which your employees step over daily) might well be medieval magical herbs, or a delicious seasoning for fish, or perfect tools for lighting campfires in an emergency.

Spending an afternoon looking through a forager’s eyes has a radical effect on a team’s perception of their workplace, their place within it, and their workplace’s place within the world. It is a surprising, perspective-altering experience. You’ll never look at a car park the same way again.

Our Car Park Forage is one of our most popular packages as it is so convenient and easily-organised. We come to you. All we need is your time and access to the area immediately surrounding your building.

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